Saturday, February 16, 2008

Geological Wardrobe

Despite its stratigraphic errors, I ended up ordering the Threadless Geology shirt. I put very little energy into my wardrobe except where geeky t-shirts are concerned, and I tend to design most of my own geeky t-shirts. I get really excited when I come across one that I didn't make, since it means that there are other people whose sense of geekery is on the same wavelength as mine. I'm not sure whether I should wear it on a music class-intensive (expected comments: "omg u nerd") day or a geology class-intensive (expected comments: "wtf nonconformity?!") day first.

On the topic of clothes, though, my geek sense sometimes gets the better of me. I was admittedly very very confused the first time I saw someone wearing clothes from Hollister Co.. "That town is famous for something other than aseismic creep?" I thought. Followed by, "Why is Hollister advertising surfing stuff when it's kind of inland? And San Benito County really isn't SoCal..."
Eventually, I remembered to look it up, only to find out that the clothing company has nothing to do with the Calaveras Fault's tromping grounds. This made the geek sense sad, even though it did not stop being amused by all these people making inadvertent seismology references.
But the geek sense is also a curious sense, seeking others on its wavelenght, as I mentioned before. I've therefore asked a few of the seismologists on faculty, and a few of the other grad students, if they can see people sporting that brand name without thinking of aseismic creep. To my glee, everyone I've asked makes the same instant connection that I do.
Which meant it was project time:

(Lest you assume I'm actually decent at sewing, I used clear thread on this precisely so nobody could see how the stitches might as well be a ball of string after my cats were done with it.)

This may mark the only time I buy blatantly name-brand things: to modify them for greater geek cred power. Booyah.

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