Thursday, February 21, 2008


My apologies for the assumptions and general vagueness of the previous post. It was pretty idiotic of me to talk about how my impression of things was different from the statistics, while not using real statistics to back up why I might have come to those impressions. Idiotic of me, and most definitely unscientific, which is not an ok way for me to be addressing things right now. I need to catch myself doing those things early on (or be caught on them - thank you, Maria and Kim!) before it becomes something that gets in the way of my work.

I hope, though, that for the lack of calculation, I at least didn't come across as being a prejudiced kind of idiotic. If, for whatever reason, I did, I'm all the more sorry.

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Kim said...

A lot of people make impressions on gender issues that aren't borne up by statistics - that's why I counted. I guess it's good that students frequently perceive there to be no difference between the status of women and men professors - I have run into the worst problems when students have thought of me as a woman professor instead of as simply as professor.

So don't feel bad. And I am very glad that your new department is treating you well.